Introduction to the Onsen, hot springs

Outdoor baths with clear view, a large bathhouse with magnificent roof beam structure and open-air baths are available. And the Shirahone’s hot spring direct from the fountainhead draining freely that overflows the reserved bath only for you at the bathhouse is the gift of the blessing from the earth that has never changed to date. Enjoy fully the warmth of the hot spring of each of the four seasons in the bathtub with an atmosphere unique to us as a headspring that has long been protected and passed down to the present time.
※Note: All of our large bathhouse, open-air/outdoor baths, and reservable baths use the hot spring taken directly from our own fountainhead and draining freely. Please note that the hot spring is heated to make it of the best temperature for bathing.

Hot springs
page top Introduction to the guest rooms

The guest rooms of Yumoto-Saito-Ryokan are located at “Kaizan-sou villa, Showa-kan villa and Bokusui-sou villa”. Each of the total 51 guest rooms has a different flavour. Each room offers a grand view of the nature over the window, providing comfortable stay.
Relax at leisure in the calm space.

Kaizan-sou villa: 4 stories with 28 Japanese-style rooms・・・・having a semi-outdoor bath..(*Note: the outdoor bath is NOT of hot spring. .)
Showa-kan villa: 4 stories with 4 Japanese-style rooms and one western-style room・・・・Both Japanese-style and western-style rooms are available.
Bokusui-sou villa: 3 stories with 18 Japanese-style rooms・・・・Please note that all the rooms face the hot water river, making the river sounds possibly   heard in the room.

rooms page top Introduction to the property amenities

Yumoto-Saito-Ryokan, newly built by reflecting the history of Shirahone and the aroma of Shinshu region, is consisted of Kaizan-sou villa and Bokusui-sou villa named from the names of a writer and a poet respectively who made frequent stays with us, and also Meiji-kan villa and Showa-kan villa named from the name of the each respective era when those were originally existing. The guest rooms and the public facilities in each villa are equipped with a comfort you would expect for your lodging.

Showa-kan villa・・・・souvenir shop, restaurant, a grand hall and guest rooms
Meiji-kan villa・・・・lounge
Bokusui-sou villa・・・・guest rooms
Kaizan-sou villa・・・・guest rooms
Yumoto-kan building ・・・・ladies’ bathhouse,  men’s bathhouse with each having outdoor bath
Onigajoh open-air bath・・・・ladies’ bathhouse,  men’s bathhouse

property amenities
page top Introduction to the dishes

Spring dish made from edible wild plants, summer dish made from greens of the season’s height, autumn dish made from rich greens, and winter dish made from root vegetable.
Shirahone-Onsen hot springs’ local special dish: Hot spring rice porridge.
Restaurant “Azumi-no” and a sociable party offer a hospitality with taste of the seasonal delicacy as well as all kinds of delicacies from Shinshu region. “Azumi-no” at the second floor of Showa-kan villa is equipped with comfortable seats of chairs as well as kotatsu seats with legroom sunk in the floor. And the Japanese-style tatami room at the restaurant next to the second floor of Showa-kan villa has arrangements of the past reproduced.

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